The Truth About Beaches Resorts

Truth About Beaches Resorts

You imagine your toes sinking into ultra-soft white Caribbean sands, gazing out at crystal clear turquoise ocean waters with a tropical fruity drink chilling in the palm of your hand. Your children gleefully play at the water’s edge as the gentle waves lap at their sandy behinds. You notice your drink is dangerously low, and with a finger waggle at the right person, a refreshed drink is soon on its way. You and your spouse throw a satisfied smile at each other, in great anticipation of your dinner alone tonight, a dinner is not spent cutting up each other’s food (unless you’re into that sort of thing).




The second I got home, I started researching how much it would cost to take my family of five to Beaches Turks & Caicos for a 7-day vacation. In an ideal world, we would stay in the Italian Village in a Family Suite with a separate kid’s room with bunk beds (because nothing says “vacation” like a shared bedroom with your small children. Am I right, parents?).


Not including airfare from California


The whopper of a price tag breaks down to just over $1,500 a day.

*double gulp* 

I can’t find a way to spin that in a positive light, mainly because I blogged about our amazing Disneyland Vacation, and the memories we made without shelling out a ton of money, and every word of it was true. Furthermore, a trip like that is more likely to happen again, or to happen in your lives!

I could tell you that it’s an investment in your family memories.

As someone that watches my pennies in YNAB, I could tell you it’s a great departure to not have to calculate if I have enough money left to get dessert (or two) and a nightcap.

I could tell you that the included amenities at Beaches, such as scuba certification classes with certified PADI divers, water parks, snorkeling, and certified nanny services are what set this resort apart.

I could tell you my very first thought, after touring the property with a guide, was “Dang, my kids would LOVE it here”, or that I wished with every drink refill, that we had budgeted for my husband to come on the trip with me.

Every word of that is true, too.

Yes, Beaches was INCREDIBLE. Yes, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Yes, I loved the endless drinks, interesting food, and the beautiful property. I loved being able to order another sushi plate at Soy without having to consult someone else to be sure they’d share, just in case I didn’t finish, or to order something I wouldn’t normally just because I could… and it was paid for.

Realistically, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go back, without some major sacrifice, unless I got another crazy deal for a conference.

But I don’t really want to bash Beaches because the resort really is as remarkable as you would think a multi-award winning all-inclusive should be, and the family that started it is seriously awesome. I love how, though they are billionaires, they are approachable and friendly. Normally, I’d secretly hate them for their fortunes, but I love how they are giving back to the community in big ways with The Sandals Foundation.

At Beaches Turks & Caicos, You truly get what you pay for.

I still believe that family memories are more dependent on the family than the location and that any change of pace can be an adventure worth taking. After having been to both Beaches Resorts and Sandals Resort for my honeymoon in 2005, should anyone ask my opinion, I would always tell them of my extremely positive experience at both locations?


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