Dealing with Bad Attitude Triggers

Bad Attitude Triggers

Stop for a second and think about something that just sets you off… something that you can count on to make your blood boil, your day go sideways, your perspective to be a mess…

Go ahead… we’ve all got them.

Mine are poor planning, my dogs, and missed naps.

I’ve gone to great lengths to work on avoiding those triggers altogether, because, quite honestly, the fact that I can’t keep my Schmidt together over something so small, makes me feel like a failure.


So, thanks to an awesome Google Calendar, I am able to stay one step ahead of the game (on my best days. My worst days are the days I WANT to be on task, but am too lazy to make it happen). I’ve got my week pre-planned, home school assignments pre-planned, minus pre-planned, and even my routine, so I can have an easy reference when I’m feeling like I’m free-falling.

My dogs, as much as I love them, can make me jump a mile high with their barking, and a random knock at the door, or doorbell ring, and their barking leads to the third of my bad attitude triggers missed naps. When I know someone is coming over, I put the dogs in their crate in the garage. It saves me from having to wrangle them while trying to safely open the door, plus, it’s a quieter/calmer reception at the door. Now, as for the random sales people that show up, I like them being scared of my mutts. They can be intimidating!

And Missed Naps… oh, Missed Naps, how you make me fume… You see, I know my kid needs a Nap. Otherwise, she’s more than a terror than she’s been recent. I really need to find a way to deal with my anger-issues over you making my day turn sour, my attitude taking a nose-dive, my ability to calmly and effectively parent if you are in the house. And I refuse to even consider the possibility of you being a regular attendee at my afternoon-soiree.

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